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Demilitarizing HTTP -- Developing API's for Mobile Applications

HTTP is simple and ubiquitous, but it isn't always easy. In his talk for Android developers, Jesse Wilson describes HTTP as a "hostile world" saying "The network is unreliable. 3G networking is slow. Using WiFi drains your battery. The NSA is spying on you." Keep your mobile-developer friends your friends. Mobile development suffers a lot of unique problems. A poorly designed back-end API shouldn't be one of them. How can you make their lives easier? Plan ahead. Come to this talk to get to know the problems that mobile projects have. In this session we'll talk about all the different ways that you can make your API more friendly to mobile application development including caching, security, and resource management.

Maxwell Vandervelde

Maxwell Vandervelde (@maxvandervelde)

Maxwell is a Software Engineer at SmartThings in Minneapolis, MN. He has worked on architecting backend API's built in PHP in addition to the Android applications that interact with them. He is a passionate open-source software developer specializing in both PHP and Android applications.