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Taming the MySQL Vagabond

MySQL is one of the most popular open source databases and chances are you have utilized it in several projects. However, what happens when things start to go seriously wrong? How do you avoid those nasty crashes that wake you up at 3am in the morning? This talk will go through several characteristics of tuning MySQL to squeeze out extra performance and stability, next we will look at how to debug problems and lastly avoiding things that will make MySQL run away like a vagabond.

Mike Willbanks

Mike Willbanks (@mwillbanks)

Mike Willbanks lives in Minneapolis, MN where he is the Vice President of Development at Packet Power. Mike has been writing PHP (amongst other languages) professionally since the late 90's. He is passionate about open source software, [enterprise] architecture, and ensuring a comprehensive full-stack system. He was the founder of MNPHP and is now a co-organizer of the group. He is also involved in the Midwest PHP conference, serves on the community review team for Zend Framework and is part of the Zend Framework Education Advisory Board.